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BWF – Home Talent Night Report


The hall was full of chatter – it was the recommencement of our BWF after the Christmas break and the ladies, whilst enjoying a cup of tea, were sharing personal and family news. An enthusiastic group of our young ladies were responsible for the whole meeting. Ably led by Rachel Corrie, we started with the rousing hymn “And can it be”. As is our custom we had a short prayer time when we prayed for our missionaries Carrie in Nepal, Christine and family in Peru, Michelle and family in Australia, Sadie in Brazil and Baptist Missions in Ireland and other needs of the Church. After singing “When I survey” Cathy McKenzie interviewed Sollie McDaniel, one of our young adults who spent 4 months in America with LCMI.       She recalled how God had been with her even when disappointments came. She learned to trust God in everything and experienced His faithfulness, realising that we can make plans but God directs our steps. Suzzie McCann read Philippians 4 v 2-9. Our CoffeePastor’s wife Lydia Cassells, then brought us a challenging message entitled “Cups and Coffee”. Cups come in all shapes and sizes – chipped or whole, clean or dirty, empty or full, decorative or practical, seasonal or everyday. Lydia likened our Christian walk to each of these, with this challenge – do we live for Christ when we feel like it or do we live for Him every moment of every day? Coffee now comes in so many options for the avid coffee drinker. However a weak, bitter, stale, tasteless, cold or sour coffee is not pleasant. Are our lives like that of a ‘bad’ coffee? We need a rich prayer life to stay strong thus avoiding bitterness which could hinder our walk with God. We need  to read His Word, pray and have fellowship with Christian friends in order not to grow cold or become sour but bring sweetness into our lives – Phil. 4 v 8. As we go into 2016 we need to give thought to these things. Our evening ended with singing a very appropriate piece – Fill my cup Lord – and a further time of fellowship together. Perhaps you are free on the 1st Thursday of each month. Why not come and join us and enjoy a good time of fellowship and ministry. If you would like to know more about BWF please click here.


Audrey Thompson