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HBC 2016 Report


During the week 8-12th August it was our Holiday Bible Club at my church and it was great fun learning about God. We had quizzes and got to help do actions for the singing of the chorus’.



Each morning when we met we played board games while everyone arrived. We then headed into the main church were we sang songs and heard the story, we were also taught a memory verse each day.



After this we spilt up between minor & main sports hall in our different age groups and had snacks, craft and then some game time, then it was back to the main church for a quiz with prize giving by Puzzle Pete.

IMG_2393  IMG_2308


My favourite parts of the week were helping with the actions of the songs, listening to the story and doing the crafts.

IMG_2396 IMG_2394


During the week we learnt the 5S


Day 1 Start – How God made the earth.

Day 2 Sin – How Adam and Eve brought sin into a perfect world 

Day 3 Son – How the Angel told Mary what to call her son when He was born which was Jesus because God sent His son to earth.

Day 4 Sacrifice- God sent His son to earth so He would die on the cross to save us from our sins and He rose again on the 3rd day to go to heaven and be with us forever.

Day 5 Saviour – Trust the Lord with our hearts, if we do we have Jesus in our hearts. By asking him we will be saved and have eternal life like He promised.

The theme for the whole week was “The Big Picture” from this theme I learnt that if we trust Jesus in our hearts we have eternal life which God promised He would give us and after we die we would then go to be with him forever.


Brooke McCann 

Age 9