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SYNC 2015 

TomSYNC is an event that happens every year, it is a large gathering of many Baptist youth groups and includes amazing talks and worship sessions. This year SYNC was held in Strandtown Baptist Church, and had around seven different Baptist youth groups there. A session of worship kickstarted the evening and was followed by a brief icebreaker of a thumb-war (which grew into a competitive battle!) Thomas flew the flag for Newtownards Baptist Church and made it all the way through to the final!

The talk dipped into a variety of subjects including wisdom, knowledge and relationships, and helped to improve our understanding of each of these by disclosing some extracts of the bible that reveal and further our knowledge of how this relates to our everyday lives. The talk was presented in an engaging manner throughout.

The speaker was available afterwards for a question and answer session which was very interesting in itself. I would recommend going next year as it provided valuable teaching, and also offered some great banter with new and different people all rounded off with Haribo’s and hot chocolate at the end; definitely worth going to!

Joel Smyth


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