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Examples of our Focused Prayer

As a church, we have been praying through various points during the pandemic. Here are some of those prayers ….




Dear Lord

We come before you recognising that you are God. The Almighty Creator who is above all. You are sovereign over all things. We realise that the coronavirus pandemic is no surprise to You. We can pray knowing that You are able to do exceedingly, abundantly above what we could ask or think regarding this situation.

Thank you that we still have access to our essential goods and services, health care and food during this time. We want to thank you for the many NHS staff and essential workers that are working so hard, continuously, so that we can get through this pandemic. We realise the sacrifices they are making as some do not get to see and spend time with their families and having to put their lives at risk to save others.

Thank you for our National Health Service. We pray that you would give them new strength and compassion as they go in to care for many patients and their families. We pray that you would help them to have wisdom as they make decisions regarding treatment and give them strength for difficult conversations with family members.

We pray asking that you help those who are working together to provide these essential goods and services, that you would help them to plan and adapt to the many changes that have happened and will continue to happen in the future.

Thank you for the many volunteers, giving of their time to provide for the vulnerable in our society. For deliveries of food to people in their home, for people in residential and nursing care and for those who need to have someone to talk too on the end of a phone. Continue to bless those who care so much for others.

We give you thanks for the many people who have recovered from this virus and for those who are on their journey of recovery that you would continue to heal and strengthen them every day. We pray especially for those who have lost loved ones, family members and friends that you would comfort them.

Lord, we pray for those who do not know You, that through these hard and trying days that they would see their own personal need of Christ who died for them. It is only through believing faith in His death on the cross, that people can be forgiven of their sins and have an eternal hope in Heaven with You forever. In the Bible we are told of a future day when each person will confess that You are God, we pray that even in the midst of this terrible situation that we would hear of many who have been saved and put their trust in You – the Only Living and True God.




Dear Lord, we lift our voices to you in prayer with confidence that you hear our cries and that you answer in accordance to your sovereign and perfect will. We focus our prayers today towards our local town of Newtownards. We lift up the residents, businesses and other organisations that call this town home.

We pray and would ask that in all that we experience and feel throughout this time in lock down, that your name would be made known throughout this place. That those who know you as Lord would be stirred and filled with vigor for you and your word, and that those who don’t know you would feel convicted of their sin and would be made alive through the power of your great salvation.

Lord, we pray for safety over our friends and families at this time. We especially pray this over our unsaved friends and relatives as the threat of death is one that affects not just their physical lives here on earth, but without Christ, this affects their spiritual lives in eternity.

We also want to consider in the midst of this pandemic, the local church. Lord, we thank you for the safety you have provided for so many of us in the days since the outbreak of this virus. We thank you that your hand has been over your people and providing courage and health to us in the face of fear. We also want to pray for those in our church family that have lost loved ones in recent days.

Lord we pray for comfort, for peace and for steadfastness in these days for our brothers and sisters that are fighting this virus, who are witnessing those close to them fighting this virus or who have lost people close to them due to this outbreak. Lord, please draw near to those who are suffering. Those suffering physically in their bodies, those struggling mentally with the toll of loss, loneliness or fear and those struggling spiritually in this time that the church body is dispersed from one another.

We give you thanks that although our buildings are closed, the church is still open. We as the body of Christ continue to represent and share the gospel message even in these days of lockdown. In the ways that we speak, act and think, you help us to reflect the confidence we have in you even when the world is tossed to and fro, we stand on your great promises. You will never leave us, you with never forsake us.

Lord, in these days, we pray for a movement of your hope, love and Spirit throughout our town and local communities. We seek your face and ask, draw near to us. We ask that in our town, knees would bow in worship to you, tongues would confess the goodness of the Lord and souls would be saved and welcomed into your glorious kingdom.

In these days make us faithful to your word, faithful to prayer and faithful to share your name in every and any way we can.

For it’s in Christ’s name we pray,




Our Father in Heaven

We come almighty God in prayer knowing you are sovereign in all things, there is nothing outside of your control. You know the beginning from the end, even as we face these times of confusion and times of fear we are assured that you are merciful and gracious. Your ways are perfect, you O Lord deserve all our praise, and you deserve the glory O Father.

As we do come Lord we come humbly into your presence knowing that we are sinners, we come seeing our sin as an offence to a Holy God. It’s only through the precious blood of your Son that we can come into your presence, we can only come clothes in His righteousness as we have none of our own. We pray Lord that you being merciful would forgive us our sins, that you would be merciful towards us. We continually fail you, we fall far short of your standards. Forgive us as we repent of our sins.

We are so thankful to you Father for your care you have for us, we thank you for our salvation and the love you have shown us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. We thank you that even during these difficult times you Father have provided for us. You have provided health care workers and professionals to help advise us and care for us. You have given us technology that allows us to stay in contact and meet together as your people, even if it is not in person. We thank you for our elders and the wisdom you have given to lead your local church.

We pray Father that at this time you would make yourself known more and more to us, that you would lead us in your will in these times of confusion. We pray for our elders you have given us and pray you would guide them and give them wisdom with the decisions they make. We pray for our health service and the professionals who work there, strengthen them both physically and mentally as they care for those who are sick, keep them safe and free from injury and illness as they carry out their jobs. For those health workers who are yours father we pray they may have a chance to witness to others, we pray that they would have the opportunity to show what their Saviour has done for them. We pray also for our leaders you have set over us in government, we especially pray for our Prime Minister at this time. Father as this man is ill we pray you would reveal how he is sinful before a Holy God and His need of salvation. We pray that you would save him to your glory father.

Lord we ask you to bless this time of prayer we have together, may we know your spirit as we come together as your people in worship to you. May your name be glorified above all names.

All these things we pray in our Saviour’s name.