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The True Meaning of Christmas


Christmas means very different things to different people but for millions around the world Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without listening to Handel’s Messiah which still awes and enraptures listeners  250 years after the composer’s death.
Charles Jennings compiled the words  in 1741, all taken entirely from the Old and New Testaments. Handel composed the music to fit the words  and in 1742 it was performed in Dublin where it moved and inspired the crowds, as it still does today. Google it for yourself and read the wonderful words of this amazing oratorio!
Written in three parts, it depicts the coming into the world of God’s Son, the Messiah and Saviour; his death and resurrection; and finally his future coming again as Judge and Lord
As we rejoice at Christmas over the appearance of the Saviour in the stable in Bethlehem, does the reality of his second coming fill us with the same hope, peace and joy? May our souls be filled and flooded with his great Salvation just as the music of the Messiah floods Churches, Cathedrals and Opera Houses all over the world!




Jim Love