47-51 Frances St, Newtownards, BT23 7DX
Sunday Services: 11.00am

Extra Club


Extra Club is for children of primary school age, taking place on a Friday evening from 6.30pm – 7.30pm in the church’s minor hall. 

The night involves choruses, memory verses, a quiz and most importantly a story based on the bible’s teaching. We also try to include a craft where applicable to the story or the time of year. The kids have plenty of opportunity to get involved throughout the meeting and our aim is to make it fun and stimulating as possible. 

Extra Club’s main aim is to teach the children about Christ’s love for us and our need to ask forgiveness for sin. Our prayer is that each child will come to know Jesus as their own and personal Saviour.

To access our minor hall, walk to the end of the passageway by the right hand side of the church and go through the double doors at the end. Our church car park (to the left hand side of the church building) will be open for drop off and collection of children.




Who runs Extra Club?

Cheryl O'Neill

Cheryl O'Neill


For more information, please contact info@newtownardsbaptistchurch.co.uk