Through this book, Ortlund endeavours to clarify and define what scriptural humility looks like and how we as believers can practically live it out with the help of the Holy Spirit.  The book very clearly corrects the misconception that humility involves self-deprecation of one’s self, even to the point of devaluing the individual.  Ortlund points to a Godlier framework for humility where our attention and affections are directed towards our Creator as opposed to being wrapped up in ourselves.

He highlights the necessity of acknowledging our sinful nature but also embracing God’s love towards us as being the essential foundation of true humility.  Ortlund emphasises that this leads us into true joy, as he puts it,  ‘we can go so far as to identify joy as the acid test of humility, for true humility always produces joy’.

This book reminds us that humility is not simply a set of behaviours but it is a heart attitude that should come from an overflow of our relationship with God.

‘Humility… means you don’t interpret everything in relation to yourself, and you don’t need to.  It is the death of the narrow, suffocating filter of self-referentiality.  It is the nourishing, calming acceptance that you have a small place in a much larger story: that your life is being guided by something far bigger than your plans or controls, and serving something far bigger than your ‘sole benefit’.’ 

– Rachel Corrie –

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